ISO 9001:2015

Number #1

Known World Wide for Excellence

World’s Preferred

Supplier of Quality Targets


MSI’s Quality Program

MSI’s Quality Program follows the precepts of a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to continuous improvement. This is a customer driven, process improvement approach to managing quality.

MSI’s Quality Management System has been certified by a third party registrar as meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2015 for the following scope:
> design, manufacture and service of sputtering targets
> specialized components
> customized precision machining
> equipment development

MSI’s customer-focused strategic and systematic approach to continuous performance improvement is centered on Quality through Customer Satisfaction. We have received numerous customer awards for Quality Excellence in both products and services.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to assure the highest level of accuracy, reliability and product integrity.



Manufacture of High Quality Sputtering Targets… delivered on time.

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