Rotatable Sputtering Targets

MSI rotatable sputtering targets include our specialized Zinc-Tin alloy, pure Tin, CP2 grade Titanium and many others. We manufacture your sputtering targets to meet your drawing specs. Our state of the art machining facility produces your custom designed sputtering targets.
We have sputtering targets available in a variety of purities ranging from 99.5% to 99.99%. We provide special custom targets to meet your needs. If we do not have the dimensions or shape you need, you can make a request on the order for a custom target in any of our available purity and styles. Please contact our sales engineer.
dsc2360cFor that purpose mentioned above, our engineers at the Research and Development department continue working and investigating to improve the grain size and surface texture of our sputtering targets, in order to attain even sputtering rates and evenly thick layers for customer’s products.
Our custom casting thickness is available up to 16 mm, especially for pure tin (Sn), pure zinc (Zn) including the Zn/Sn alloys.
MSI’s state-of-the-art machining¬†capabilities can manufacture any end seal configuration needed, with minimum lead times. Either dogbone or titanium collar rotatable can be produced upon request. We can also fabricate custom components for high vacuum equipment with minimum lead times.