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MSI ANNEX – 1400 Norton Road Renovation

The renovation to our Annex at 1400 Norton Road was completed during 2011. One of the renovations was the installation of numerous sunlights throughout the 50,000 sq. ft. structure to give the machinists more natural light as well as cut down on electricity. The facility has already seen a considerable savings on energy bills from the new insulation and roof. This is also to help us become more “green” for the environment. We also replaced all the doors and rebuilt the loading docks while repaving our 7 acre parking lot, which not only makes driving smoother, but it opened up more space for us to gain better access to our private rail spur.

The renovation to the Annex was not going to overshadow our main building; so we added a new insulated roof with skylights and again to help cut down on energy bills as well as the natural sunlight that gives the workers a better well being. The most significant addition to the main building was the design and addition of our clean room. This has cut down a considerable amount of shop dust not only for the sake of cleanliness but we obviously care about the overall health of our employees and to help the environment.

During this year we made a concious decision to go “green” as much as possible. We are recycling every possible aspect of material: whether it is paper, plastic, aluminum pop cans or old machinery that is taken apart piece by piece.

We also had 4 of our employees make visits to our customers from as far west as Oregon, making stops throughout the country along the way, traveling to all four corners. It was nice to see everyone again.